Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Advertising Agency + Museum | Mid-Design

The following images are from the Mid-Design Review on March 4th

Concept Images (see concept statement)

Concept Statement
At the core of the advertising industry are ideas; ideas are both its product and its resource. The relationship between the advertising agency and the advertising museum here in Chicago could be most closely modeled after a factory and showroom typology, where the overlapping of manufacture and exhibition grant a poetic wholeness to a process which might otherwise be relegated as capricious. Unlike typical mechanized factory manufacturing, the manufacturing which occurs within advertising is primarily cogitative and therefore much less suited for a common standardized operation designed to maximize efficiency. Instead, a building which facilitates the manufacturing of ideas must be able to adapt to the non-linear and inherently unpredictable operations of its occupants. And in exchange for the typical exhibition modeled after the streamlined product which it showcases, the advertising exhibition must come to embody the dynamic nature of its own works.

Organizing program elements with site diagram. (click to play)

Before (in the 25 percent review post) I started to look at how individual work environments could interact and overlap. In doing so, I was primarily experimenting by altering and shifting the office programs. Whereas the agency may take a programmatic approach, for the museum these diagrams look at the interactions between form and space to create a dynamic experience.

Study model exploring the resultant spaces of the museum

Organizing museum program elements to create form (click to play)

Model images with site context

Circulation from street through museum entrance

View of museum entrance from street


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