Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Advertising Agency + Museum | 25 Percent

Since I just began this blog last week, some of these progress posts will be retrospective. These are some images of my progress for the 25 percent review in February which was primarily concerned with conceptual design.

To start off, I did a lot of research on how the creative process works and what factors can contribute to a creative environment, which seemed like a good place to start when designing an advertising agency. This is one diagram of my synthesis of that.

In the first couple of weeks we also went to visit a few Chicago advertising agencies, including Leo Burnett. What I learned about their operations is that the creative department will usually work in small groups (3-6 people) for a project. This is looking at how individual work environments might interact and influence each other. (click to play)

How the building form might respond to views.

I then began to think of the museum as a collective result of individual creative developments.

Another diagram of my synthesis of interactive creative developments.

Study model of building forms.

View of museum displays/circulation around a center courtyard

View of lower gallery from park entrance


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