Sunday, April 10, 2011

Digital/Wood Fabrication Update

Although we still haven't found anywhere to fabricate (cnc cut) our project, I have still been working out my design and it seems to be more and more feasible the more we look at it.

Another classmate (Konrad) and I have figured out a work flow that will allow me to quickly change geometries in sketchup and transfer guide lines for the wood members into the Dietrich's software so Konrad can specify the cuts and connections that would be needed to construct this.

Here are some images

I've decided that the most practical construction method will involve having one set of continuous, uncut wood members that are connected by opposing members which are notched and span 3 of the longer members. At each of the notches will be 2 bolts or dowels that connect the members. The Dietrich software can also model these bolt connections and they too can be drilled via cnc at the fabrication plant, allowing us to quickly assemble without error (that is if we find somewhere to cut the pieces for us).